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The Meridian system can be interpreted as a time-oriented as well as space-oriented segmentation of the celestial sphere. The Porphyry house system creates the intermediate houses by dividing each of the four quadrants into three equal-sized segments. The Alcabitius house system divides the diurnal arc of the Ascendant into six equal-sized segments. Then, Meridian circles are drawn through the resulting segments.

The places where the circles intersect the ecliptic mark the cusps of the Alcabitius houses. Alternatively, the nocturnal arc can be divided into six parts and Meridian circles drawn through the resulting segments. The Alcabitius house system assigns particular significance to the Ascendant-Descendant axis, because the measure of division is given by the diurnal arc of the zodiacal degree of the Ascendant at birth.

In this house system, first a vertical great circle is drawn through Ascendant, Zenith, Descendant and Nadir. This is then divided into 12 equal-sized segments, and Meridian circles are drawn through the resulting segment points. The house cusps result from the intersections of the Meridian circles with the ecliptic. In this method, Ascendant and MC are identical with the 1st and 10th house cusps.

This house system was invented by three astrologers independently of each other: the Pole Bogdan Krusinski , the Czech Milan Pisa and the Swiss Georg Goelzer More information is found in the Documentation of the Swiss Ephemeris, chapter 6. The horizon house system divides the sky according to the four cardinal directions. The cusp of the 1st house is exactly due East, the 10th is exactly due South. The celestial sphere is divided into 12 segments, like an orange similar to the Campanus and Meridian system , with the axis of the orange running through the Zenith and Nadir, and its 'equator' resting on the horizon.

The house cusps result from the intersections of the twelve segments with the ecliptic.

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Sure Therese, would love to, it is 20th Oct, Guest guest. Profections added to Tables Jens' fix: the source code can be run even on newer versions of Linux see section on Installation. High Latitude Houses When the geographical latitude of the event data is north of 67 degrees or south of degrees, some houses systems e. MacOS: MorinusMac. The accidental settings can be easily excluded from the Almuten of the Chart calculations by unchecking "Use".

In the horizon house system, the 10th house cusp is identical with the MC, but the 1st house cusp is not identical with the Ascendant. In the Morinus system, the celestial equator is divided into twelve equal-sized segments starting from the Meridian. The segment points on the equator are then converted to the ecliptical coordinate system.

The ecliptic longitudes of these points make up the twelve house cusps. In the Morinus house system the 10th house cusp deviates slightly from the MC. Similarly, the 1st house cusp is not identical with the Ascendant. The house system is named after the French philosopher, mathematician and astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin Latin: Morinus, An article on Morin's Method of Determination not his house system!

The Polich-Page house system also 'topocentric house system' is mathematically defined as follows: The tangent of the polar elevations of the intermediate houses corresponds to one or two thirds respectively of the tangent of the polar elevation of the Ascendant, i. In low and middle latitudes, topocentric house cusps tend to differ from Placidus house cusps by less than one degree.

Only closer to and beyond the polar circles, the differences become more pronounced. Beyond the polar circles, the Polich-Page house system sometimes generates absurd and impractical house positions.

EMPTY HOUSES EXPLAINED IN YOUR BIRTH CHART (House Rulerships in Astrology) - 2019

The house system was invented by the Hungarian-Argentinian astrologer Wendel Polich and the English-Argentinian astrologer Anthony Nelson Page erfunden. More information in the Astro Wiki. The diurnal arc and the nocturnal arc of the Ascendant are divided into equal-sized segments respectively. Then great circles are drawn from the North point through the segment points to the South point.

The intersections of these circles with the ecliptic mark the APC house cusps. However, it needs to be mentioned that the house cusps , , , and are not exactly opposite each other. Back to the overview list. The house system Pullen Sinusoidal Delta also known as Neo-Porphyry house system determines the house sizes from a sinus function depending on the size of the quadrants.

You can find more detailed information on the mathematical process in the Documentation of the Swiss Ephemeris, chapter 6. The house system was invented in by the American astrologer Walter Pullen born , the author of the astrology software Astrolog. The house system Pullen Sinusoidal Ratio determines the house sizes from a sinus function depending on the size of the quadrants. The house system was invented in by the American astrologer Walter Pullen born , the author of the astrology software Astrolog, and should replace the house system Pullen SD.

Back to the over view list. The Sripati house system first calculates the house cusps according to Porphyry, i. Then the cusp of each house is moved to the middle of the previous house. In this house system, the Ascendant and MC are not identical with the cusps of houses 1 and The Sripati house system originates in Indian Astrology. In this house system the celestial sphere is divided into an 'orange' with 12 commensurate segments. The axis of this orange runs through the celestial poles, whereas its 'equator' comes to lie on the celestial equator hence the name 'poli-equatorial'.

Therefore, the house cusps lie on the Meridians. The Meridian of the 1st house cusp runs through the Ascendant. In this house system, the 1st house cusps is identical with the Ascendant, but the 10th house cusp is not identical with the MC. The house system was invented by the English astrologer Charles Carter The Sunshine house system divides both the diurnal and the nocturnal arcs of the Sun into six commensurate segments. Then, great circles are drawn from the North point through the segment points to the South point.

The intersections of theses circles with the ecliptic mark the Sunshine house cusps. In the Sunshine house system, the cusp of the 1st house is identical with the Ascendant, and the 10th house cusp is identical with the MC. However, the house cusps , , , and are not in exact opposition.

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The house system was invented by the American astrologer Bob Makransky born Basically, it is identical with the Placidus house system, i. There are a couple of differences, though. The sectors are counted in clockwise direction. The plus zones are the sectors that turned out to be significant in statistical investigations, e. The plus sectors are the sectors 36 — 3, 9 — 12, 19 — 21, 28 — More sophisticated algorithms are used to calculate the exact house position of a planet see chapters 6. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 2.


Current Planets. Placidus The Pacidus house system divides the phases of planetary and star movement above and below the horizon into equal-sized parts. More information can be found in the Astro Wiki Back to the overview list. Koch The Koch house system also called "house system of the birth place" is defined by horizon lines at different times on the day of birth. Campanus The Campanus house system divides the celestial space above and below the horizon like an orange into twelve equal segments. Fair trade organic coffee for sale shipped to your door. It seems that which house system we use as astrologers is getting a lot of attention in astrology groups these days.

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Vehlow. The Vehlow house system belongs to the equal ("same size") house systems. Here, the Here, houses are always complete zodiac signs. The Whole . Looks like a modern mix of astrology, mythology and theosophy to me. Here you have some .. This fits the Vehlow houses. The early meaning.

So what are the differences, and why use one system instead of another? This is important as it involves how we trisect the quadrants of our chart, and whether a planet on a cusp is in one house or another. I originally did this article 8 years ago in response to an email saying that over at a well-known astrology chat room an entire comment stream had been bombed due to excessively abusive discourse. That blew my mind, since it makes no sense to get into a row over which house system to use. To all members, Within the context of intellectual exploration and learning, debate is an essential element.

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This site encourages productive discourse. When a post or thread sinks to the level of caustic and inimical personal confrontation all focus and value is lost, this site and its members denigrated. The thread has been deleted, all good content along with the counterproductive. I've seen people get heated about various things, but never about which house system an astrologer uses. Can't figure out how it happened, don't really want to jump in over there, and it seems that this uncivil discourse mirrors the general state of affairs in our world today.

So of course, it leads me to try to explain what some of this business of different house systems is about. Basically, only the horizon ascendant-descendant and meridian midheaven-nadir are fixed by what time one is born, and where.

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How you derive the boundaries cusps between houses is entirely based on whether you calculate on the basis of a space-based system, a time-based system, or a space-time based system. Placidus houses are space-time, Equal houses are space-based, as is Porphyry. There are others, such as Campanus, Koch, Regiomontanus, Morinus, Alcabitian, Albategnian, and even those that divide the sphere into 8 sectors instead of 12 as well as those that eliminate all the houses.

An extensive article on the merits and demerits of each of these would probably bore most of my readers, so we won't go there. Though there is no consensus on which system is the best and it seems that some fans of certain systems are ready to come to blows with each other!

I found when I first started studying astrology that some of my planets change houses depending on which system is in use. For example, I have Saturn in the 3rd house using the Placidus system, whereas it's in the 2nd using Porphyry and Equal.

Whole house system astrology

So which is it? Reading the texts, I realized it seemed as though both were correct. How could that be? Seeing that the manifestations of both were true at one time or another, it led me to the conclusion that since none of these house "boundaries" are set in stone, perhaps I should regard the wheel in terms of zones of overlapping house boundaries, those being the areas where the affairs of the first house and the second house interact, or the second and third, or where the affairs of the 8th and 9th houses overlap, and so on. In my case, with Saturn in the overlapping zone between the second and third houses, it would seem that I need to use my Saturn function to understand how it affects the areas of values 2nd and perception 3rd , and where these meet within me.

At times I must deal with a natural Saturn in the 2nd influence; at other times, Saturn in the 3rd. At all times, how these areas meet and interact with each other as expressed through my Saturn filter. I learn about Saturn from both areas of my life, and find Saturn's influence in both areas, regardless of which house system is in use.

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You will also find this true in your own charts. When you have a planet that bridges two houses, it is very important in your evolution to link those areas of your life through the planet involved. Perhaps it would serve astrology and bring some peace back to the realm! I would certainly not want any of my readers to come to blows or insults over something as ridiculous as whether one house system is superior to the rest. Perhaps this is the biggest advantage to the quadrant system, or the "no house" system. We do not need frets on a guitar neck to hit a note accurately. They are just guide points helping give a reference between points A and B.

It's the same with the lines dividing the houses. Anything nearer the horizontal axis is more in the realm of self-not self. Anything near the vertical axis is more in the realm of private-public, or subjective-objective experience. The relative position of a planet to the meridians is what's important, not whether a planet is "more truly" in one house or another when it's on the cusp. And the idea of insulting someone because they don't agree with a house system is absurd. July 24, Permalink.

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Tags: Albategnian, Alcabitian, angles, Ascendant, astrology, Campanus, Equal houses, house cusps, house systems in astrology, Koch, Midheaven, Morinus, overlapping houses, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, which house system is more accurate, which house system to use. Hi Robert! I've never really explored using any other house system besides Placidus, as it is the default over at Astrodienst, so I just assumed it was the most commonly used for a reason. Your post piqued my curiosity, however, so I tested out all of the different house systems they have there, and to my surprise, the Campanus system altered several placements in a way that made them MUCH more accurate.

Many of the other systems moved it to the 11th, which is just way off. So, I am wondering if that means the Campanus system is better, or if different house systems work better for different people? You said that you haven't had any problem reading the same chart with different house systems, but have you noticed if some folks really identify more with certain house systems than others? Also, the link to "House Systems- They're all in your point of view" isn't working.

I'd love to read it! Posted by: Katie July 24, at AM. Hi Katie - There are more articles coming over the next two days on how I do what I do and why I use multiple systems simultaneously. I don't really believe one system is better or more accurate than the others. Each has their proponents, but I believe that it could be the observer effect. And that's not a link. That's the title to the article that I rewrote and reprinted just under that line of text. Posted by: Robert July 24, at AM.